Meet the team

BLUEPRINT: The Future of Our Seas, consists of nine institutions and organisations who will consolidate their learning, expertise and training into a ‘blueprint’ for how to build consortia, build capacity, and how to create innovative activities in public engagement.

By combining scientists, facilitators, creatives and skilled media communicators, the aim is to equip researchers with the capacity and skills to engage people in a nation-wide conversation on the future of our seas.

The BLUEPRINT Future of Our Seas consortium is formed by:

Marine Biological Association: Jon Parr

University of Plymouth Marine Institute: Nicholas Higgs.

Kings College London: Kris De Meyer

Joint Nature Conservation Committee: Peter Chaniotis

Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science: Jennifer Skinner

University of Edinburgh: Sebastian Hennige 

Scottish Association for Marine Science: Anuschka Miller & Raeanne Miller

Incredible Oceans: Gina Gow & Ian Rowlands

Invisible Dust: Lucy Wood & Dorcas Taylor